Why is AdWords management needed?

Your AdWords account must be continuously tweaked, improved and analyzed to be effective. It’s a dynamic situation. AdWords must always be attracting customers because your competitors are after them. Simply stated - not being actively managed risks lost traffic, lost customers and lost sales. Ongoing and continuous attention to AdWords is necessary for revenue growth and high ROI.

At RocketBrand we care about and attend to the finest details of your account.


Throughout the day we analyze incoming traffic and advertising statistics.


We implement all critical aspects of advertising success such as bid strategy and Quality score.


Our advertising is based on buying patterns, emotional background and deep knowledge in user behaviour and interaction with advertising matherials.

RocketBrand strategy is uniquely designed for your business.

We develop a personalized strategy that delivers a remarkable campaign. This includes designing the “feel” that visitors will experience from your website. Our marketing plans are crafted and executed by dedicated staff who epitomize human relationships in marketing.

Right Time

You want to advertise during specific time periods such as business lunch hours? We can implement such a plan and provide you with a schedule reflecting the activity.

Right Place

Your business operates in a nearby area? We will create a strategy that focuses on that geographical area.

Measure Success

We track each valuable step on your website - from special pages up to cart summary.

Google AdWords is for you.

Our approach perfectly fits any type of business. No matter where are you operating, RocketBrand can help you achieve your marketing goals. We have successfully managed advertising for SaaS platforms, financial services, e-commerce websites and small local business all around the world. 

Contact us to learn how RocketBrand can create an optimal advertising campaign and increase your ROI.